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First scene wrapped!

I can officially say that the first scene (technically scene 6) of The Exigency II (working title) is completed. This was my first time attempting to do character animation by myself in Blender. It wasn't a completely new experience since a lot of the concepts and workflows for animation are similar between different programs. I was hesitant at first but decided to give it a shot.

In the end, I'm pleased with it. The quality is many steps higher than where I was before. Even though it's still not 'realistic' - it's still better than what it was and that's good enough for me. The important part is that I'm learning and growing. With Blender, there's so much more for me to learn and explore. I just keep going until I come across an obstacle and then I find out how to solve it. I'm creating and learning at the same time!

Rendering times are dramatically decreased with the use of online render farms. Especially with a plug-in that allows a single click upload of my project to the render farm is simply mind blowing. I feel like all my wildest dreams have come true. Where have I been all these years? It has been one of the best discoveries I've made this year. Even more exciting than discovering BBQ flavored Kettle chips.

While this was my first real shot at animating in Blender, I can truly say that animation in Blender is much easier than in Poser. While Poser is more basic, it always responded oddly with interpolation between keyframes and it required numerous hours of fixing and adjusting pretty much everything. It was an extremely repetitive process and not efficient at all. Blender on the other hand, calculates things differently that doesn't require me to do a whole lot of fixing of problems. It's relatively straight forward.

With one scene in the can, there are still plenty more ahead. Work is being done everyday to make sure this is completed in a reasonable time. I have found a solid team of talented folks to help me along this journey. I'm sure this team will grow larger over time but we're doing great for now.

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