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Passion projects can be expensive. Trying to create an animated trilogy in a reasonable time is very expensive and probably crazy. I'll be honest, I'm already deep into production on the sequel and I will finish it whether I receive outside funds or not (unless I die earlier than expected). However, if you're excited for the project, donations of any amount are super helpful and will go towards getting this movie made faster and better. 


Funds will help pay for 3D freelance artists, voice actors, render farm fees, 3D assets, original music, sound mixing, software, marketing... the list goes on and on and on. You can choose any amount that you wish and no amount is too little. I appreciate any help to make this successful. Here's the credit you can receive:

less than $50  - Receive a "contributor" credit 

$50 or more - Receive a "Special Thanks" credit

$500 or more - Receive "Associate Producer" credit (IMDB eligible)

$1000 or more - Receive "Producer" credit (IMDB eligible)





By default, the name that appears on your account will appear in the credits. If you prefer a different name, please add your name in the "special instructions" field exactly how you want it to appear in the credits. Or, let me know if you'd like to opt out of having your name in the credits altogether. You can also e-mail with additional questions.


I do apologize, but all donations are final. I cannot refund donations once they are received. Do not donate unless you are certain this is something you want to do. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Total Donations $285

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